Карл Ш.

Hi, my name is Carl Schw. I am an american who lives in Yekaterinburg. And because of the golden hands of Andrey Abakulov, i will live in the world with my wife Nadia much longer. Heart specialists in America gave up on me 5 times because i have 3 bypasses done in Russia 23 years ago. My main left side artery was over 90 percent closed.and because of hardening of the arteries noone would touch my case. My wife brought me to Andrey's clinic (i must admit i was not hopeful) after many tests i was ready for rejection no.6 but this young man came to my room drew a picture and said i can do this! Heart specialists in good hospitals in the States gave me all different kinds of pills for years and said my problems were too extensive. This young fellow who on first sight with a beard and pony tail did not instill great hope in me. But when he spoke i believed he could not only fix me but walk on water. 2 and one half hours on the table and i was 35 again not 72. I owe this man my life without question and i can never repay him for this. But i will be gretaful everyday when i open my eyes. Thank you Andrey! Carl and Nadia Schw.

22 марта 2017 г.


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